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At Syracuse Law you can specialize in a law degree that prepares you for a career in law, policy and national security. Are you ready to change the world?

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The emergence of a global economy and the resurgence of religious fundamentalism have dramatically changed how we interact with the world. Finding the solutions that keep nations safe and at the same time foster international cooperation presents some of the greatest challenges of our time. If you’re looking for a true professional challenge, a way to change the world…you just might find it here.

Through the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) at Syracuse University, the Syracuse University College of Law and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University have developed an extensive security studies curriculum. The curriculum delivers a compelling interdisciplinary blend of anthropology, communications, history, international relations, information science and law.

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The unabated threat of international terrorism has spurred dramatic growth in both the public and private sectors with respect to national security and counterterrorism. This sign of our times has also opened the door to many new challenging legal career opportunities. Continue your education with Syracuse Law and the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism and you just might find a job where you really have the opportunity to change the world.

National security law as a specialty area often intersects with other general areas of law like torts, contracts, ethics, technology, and administration, among others. You may consider developing multiple areas of expertise to maximize your options post graduation. National security law, combined with areas such as technology, public administration or business, can help you determine what your post-graduation options will be in the job market.

You might end up working for the CIA or other governmental agencies that directly address national security concerns. Or, perhaps you’ll become general counsel for a corporation regarding national security related contracts with the government. Maybe you’ll opt for private practice, advising companies of their rights when sharing information with the government, or with regard to complying with new homeland security laws. In fact, larger law firms have even formed specialty practice groups to address the concerns of national security and counterterrorism. And these examples are just a small sample of what might be ahead for you.

Explore your options at Syracuse College of Law and the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism, and discover exciting possibilities for your future.

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There are significant advantages to tackling your law degree in an environment that’s integrated into a major university. Here are some of the places you’ll be spending your time as you pursue your studies. In your spare time? Well, there’s plenty of excitement to find here as well.

Syracuse University College of Law: A rich tradition in law & interdisciplinary law studies.

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University: National leader in public affairs, political science & international relations.